Rebecca A., Sound Healer

Sound Healer

Being a highly sensitive person Rebecca A. has been exploring healing modalities and practices to find peace and happiness since she was 18  years old. Now at 52, Rebecca has a lot of modalities and practices under her belt that she uses regularly to sustain daily inner peace and joy in her life.  Rebecca is certified as an advanced sound therapist, Holy Fire Reiki master, life coach, yoga teacher, and metaphysical minister. She offers therapeutic sound baths for retreats, corporate in-services, and public or private events as well as private 1:1 sound healing sessions. Her multifaceted path offers a very holistic approach to healing and transformation that is rooted in not only the physical body, but the energy body, mental emotional body, and spiritual body as well.

Singing channeled healing tones with her crystal bowls and frame drum, Rebecca helps people deeply relax and reset. Her 1:1 healing sessions and group sound baths help people release negative programming, and support clients to resource their nervous systems. The Sound baths and sound healing sessions are divinely guided as well as rooted in scientific sound therapy research. Rebecca works with your highest consciousness to tune into your body and being's wisdom to integrate, process, and get stuck energy moving toward possibilities in wellness again. It is common in these sound events for ancestral and interdimensional healing to be done as well. You can expect to feel very relaxed and illuminated after a sound bath or private session as well as notice certain hooks, triggers, and aches and pains resolved as Rebecca's approach is to get to the root of the dis - ease you are experiencing. Each person's experience is unique.

When Rebecca is not doing sound healings or performing at events, she is spending time in nature with her dog,  working in her garden with her husband, or connecting with her sons.

Documented benefits of Sound Healing:

  • Regulates the nervous system;
  • Helps destress & calm the mind
  • Relief from aches and pain
  • Sense of wholeness and connectedness
  • Positive mental health benefits
  • Processes trauma and triggers
  • Self-empowerment and confidence
  • Opens the heart and connects you to your authentic self
  • Regulates body systems
  • Balances the energy systems -chakras and meridians
  • Generational and lineage healing  
  • Mental focus/ ADHD relief

Sessions with Rebecca at Intrepid are Thursdays between 10:30 and 3:30


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