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For both relaxation and pain relief, we have the perfect back massage therapy available.

A back massage is one of the best ways to achieve total relaxation. At the same time, for someone who lives with back pain, massage therapy eases muscle tension and reduces inflammation. Overall, this form of therapy is good for the body. At our Thornton, CO, facility, you can choose from several different types of back massage. On the other hand, if you have back pain, our professional massage therapist will determine the appropriate technique for you. The therapist will choose from our various massage services to ensure optimal results.

Back Massage Thornton CO
Lower Back Massage Thornton CO

Lower Back Massage for Pain Relief

Millions of people suffer from low back pain. For some, the source of pain has to do with disc disease. For others, it’s the result of improper or heavy lifting or some accident. With the lower back massage that we offer at Intrepid Bodyworks, you’ll become pain-free. Massage is a  non-invasive, low-risk procedure that can help you get back on track in record time.

There’s no question that a lower back massage will benefit you regardless of your physical complaint. It helps release extreme tension by targeting the deepest most layer of muscles, alleviates stress, improves blood circulation, and soothes sore joints. A lower back massage can even reduce post-surgery pain by stimulating the lymphatic system and relieving muscle stiffness. For both recreational and professional athletes, this massage helps by loosening and warming muscles before performing in a physical event. This treatment is also ideal after participating in a sport to reduce muscle tension and soreness.

As licensed professionals who specialize in lower back pain massage, we use safe and effective treatment techniques. Whether you want a massage only because it feels so good, or to find relief from pain in the low region of the back, we have the experience and expertise to help.

No More “Back Massage Near Me” Searches

Never again will you need to scour the Internet for a “back massage near me.” With our massage therapy options, we’ll choose the appropriate technique based on your specific needs. At Intrepid Bodyworks, we offer a natural way of healing back pain at a reasonable massage price. Book an appointment at our location in Thornton, CO today. Our services also cover Northglenn CO, Westminster, CO, and most neighborhoods within Denver’s North. Call us today and allow us to put our 24 plus years of experience to work on your behalf.

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