Massage Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers about massage. So don’t fret and just relax that’s the whole point of getting a massage!

Am I expected to tip my massage therapist?

Gratuity is ALWAYS appreciated! They are not required. Massage therapists work very hard trying to help you and showing your appreciation lets your therapist know they did a great job!

How long will a massage treatment last?

We offer 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute sessions. As long as you arrive prior to your start time you will receive the entire session of hands on. Including the time prior to your session and time to get redressed your session will be 10-15 minutes more than the scheduled length.

What do I do during a massage treatment?

Relax and allow the therapist to move around your legs and arms as needed. You’re welcome to talk to your therapist or let them know you’d like a quite session without talking. Therapists are not mind readers so if the pressure is too much or too little PLEASE speak up! You won't hurt our feelings or anything but you won't get the best experience if the pressure isn't right.

How Should I Dress for my Massage Therapy Treatment?

How much or little you wear is up to you! You will be professionally draped and covered at all times during your massage. If you wish to leave your undergarments on, that is totally fine. If you are having a mat Thai session or a full body stretch session please wear clothes that you can move around comfortably in as you will stay clothed for the entire session. Our Master Bodyworker John requires everyone to wear snug fitting shorts and women to wear a sports bra. His sessions are different and you move around a lot and do not have a draping sheet so those clothes items are required.

How will I feel after a massage?

This varies from person to person. Most people feel great, relaxed, and have reduced pain issues. Some people will feel a little achy from the work but this will go away within 24 hours and you will be left feeling fantastic!

What should I do after I receive a massage?

Relax, drink water, and have a great rest of the day! Working out is not a good idea however, some movement like walking around the block is good and can help 'set' the work that was done.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, credit, debit, HSA/FSA cards, and gift cards issued by us. We offer gift cards both through this website or at the office that are accepted as well.  Please have the gift card redemption code number available if you're a new client booking for the first time with us.  If you don't have the gift card redemption number you will be asked to put a credit/debit card on file to hold the appointment only.  

What should I do if I need to cancel my appointment?

Please call to cancel or reschedule any appointment. We do have a 12 hour cancellation/change policy. We ask that you give us at least 12 hours notice to change, cancel, or move your appointment so we have a chance to refill that time slot. Less than 12 hours notice there will be a fee of half the cost of the missed appointment.

What if I am late arriving at my appointment?

If you’re running late for your appointment please let us know! We will give you whatever time we can however, we will not give you the full time and cut into the next persons start time. If you prefer to cancel your appointment late you can do that but you will be charged half the cost for the late cancellation in accordance with our policies.

Is same day appointment available?

Sometimes, but usually it will be 3-7 days before we have an opening. You're always welcome to call or check the online schedule to see what times are available. Please note that online will only show available appointments three hours or more in advance. If you're trying for something sooner you will have to call to check openings.

How can I schedule an appointment?

Call Us! This is the best and fastest way to book an appointment. We are booking very fast currently and do not hold appointments without talking to you first. So, please call 720-388-0439. You can also schedule an appointment or class on

What is included in the session time?

Your massage starts at the start time of your session, that is why you are asked to arrive ten minutes early! You will have the chance to speak with your therapist prior to your start time and have time to get undressed to your comfort level. If you arrive right on time this will be done during your hands on time. We want to give every client the full time for hands on work so that we can best help you with your pain issues. There is no additional charges if you would like cupping, scrapping, or stretching with a therapist certified to do this.

When should I avoid getting a massage?

You should avoid massage if you are not 100% feeling well, after a night out drinking, or if you have had a medical change and not consulted your doctor. We do require a release from a medical professional prior to massage if you have had a recent surgery or major change in your medical status.  We are not requiring masks at this time however, if you do not feel your best or feel off in any way please wear your mask to help keep our therapists from getting a cold or flu that they can pass to their next clients and that can have them out of work for days. Therapists will happily wear a mask if requested as well.

Why do I feel dizzy after a massage?

Massage moves around a lot of body fluid and you have been in a stationary position for a while. When you move, especially suddenly, you will get light headed or dizzy. This should go away very quickly. A snack shortly after massage can help with this as well.

How long does it take to feel better after a massage?

That varies for each person, however most people feel great immediately! You may notice some soreness later that day or the following morning which is normal for corrective work. That discomfort should be gone within 24 hours of the end of your session.

Should I shower after a massage?

You can shower after a massage if you like however it is not necessary.

What should I do before a massage?

You should have a small meal or snack, shower, arrive early/on time and drink plenty of water. You should not drink alcohol, come dirty/smelly, or have eaten a large meal or skipped eating as these will all make you feel unwell during or after your massage.

Why do I have to put a credit card on file?

When you book an appointment the massage therapist is setting aside that time for you.  Therapists do not get paid if you don't show up at most locations...that is not the case at Intrepid Bodyworks. Our therapists are paid for no show appointments because it is not the therapists fault if you forget your appointment. Your credit card on file is only ever used if you schedule an appointment and then do not show up or do not cancel your appointment 12 hours or more in advance. The cancellation fee is half the fee of the missed appointment cost and will be charged once your appointment time has been missed.  If you do not wish to put a credit card on file you can pre pay for your massage on the gift card page on this site.  When you call you will be asked for your gift card number so please have that available. Thank you for understanding our massage therapists’ time is valuable!

What can I expect at my first massage?

At your first massage, you’ll complete a health history form and address any of your concerns and goals with your massage therapist. Once the treatment has been determined, the LMT will leave the room to allow you the privacy to get onto the table and make yourself comfortable. Before re-entering the room to begin the treatment, your therapist will knock on the door.

To learn more about what to expect at your first massage. If you’re new to massage, you’ll want to know exactly what to expect on your first visit to our clinic. We’ve broken it down for you, just so there are no surprises.

Your Arrival

It’s a good idea to come 10-15 minutes before your first appointment to carefully fill out your health history form if you haven't filled it out online.

Getting Prepped

Your Licenced Massage Therapist (LMT) will take you into one of our treatment rooms and discuss your health history form and massage preferences. You’ll also discuss your assessment and treatment plan from your LMT at this point.

Your LMT will then leave the room to allow you to disrobe. You can receive an effective, therapeutic massage regardless of what clothing (if any) you choose to remove. Your comfort and ability to relax is a top priority for our LMTs. Some people like to take off all their clothing, while others leave on their undergarments or other articles of clothing. It’s really up to you.

If you choose to be fully clothed, please wear loose fitting clothing (like sweatpants and a t-shirt) so that your body will not be restricted during your treatment. Cover yourself with the linens provided and wait for your therapist to knock on the door.

Massage Treatment Thornton CO

Let the Treatment Begin

You’ll stay under the fresh linens on the heated, padded massage table throughout the treatment. LMTs are trained to ensure the sheet on the massage table always drapes you and protects your privacy. Only the body part being worked on will be uncovered.

Your LMT will ask you periodically whether the pressure is okay. You should also feel free to communicate with your therapist about pressure at any time, as well as about draping or any pain you might be feeling throughout the massage. You can expect complete quiet from your therapist or relaxing conversation if you prefer. There will be calming music played, unless you don’t want it.

Do I have to listen to relaxing music during my massage?

No. Your massage is about you, and if you are put off by the sounds of whale songs, new age music or flutes, then you do not have to listen to them. You can choose different music or no music at all. While music with a rhythm of 60 beats per minute has been shown to be more calming on the body and mind, it is your choice as to whether you have it playing during your session.

You have the choice of choosing the music during your massage. If you find relaxation in a certain style of music at home, then it will have the same effect during your massage. You can ask your therapist if they have music to your style and if you can bring your own music from home.

Do I have to talk during my session?

The most important thing to remember about your massage therapy session is that you are comfortable. For some people, this means that silence is preferable, while others enjoy talking during their massage. Many therapists encourage silence in order to improve relaxation, however, if you are more comfortable chatting with your therapist, then you are free to do so.

There will be times when it is strongly recommended that you speak up during your session. If you are uncomfortable, then you must notify the therapist immediately. If you are too hot, too cold, in pain or if the room is too bright, then let your therapist know.

Should I see a male therapist if I want a deeper massage?

No. There is no requirement to choose a male therapist in order to have a deeper massage. Women are able to provide the optimal results as well, while some male massage therapists may not prefer to work so deep. Each therapist has a particular style and background, as well as a preference for massage style. If you are looking for a deeper massage, then discuss your needs with our clinic in order to determine the right fit for you. It is also recommended that you give your massage therapist feedback during your session if you want more or less pressure. There is no requirement for massage to be painful in order to be effective.

How frequently should I get a massage?

Massage therapy is different for every patient. If your goal is to have some relaxation from time to time, then scheduling your appointments every 3-6 weeks is recommended. However, if you have a certain condition that needs to be addressed, then more frequent visits are recommended at first, followed by less frequent appointments as your condition improves. Frequent 30 minute sessions can be highly effective before you begin a maintenance schedule.

Discuss your requirements with your therapist in order to determine a schedule that will work for your goals.

What do I expect when attending massage therapy for the first time?

When you arrive for your first visit, your massage therapist will provide you with a health history form to fill out. Following that, your therapist will discuss with you your goals in terms of treatment and whether there are any conditions you would like them to address. Once massage therapy is determined to be appropriate for you, you may undergo assessments to evaluate your current condition to identify any target areas.

If you have any health concerns or take any medications, it is crucial that you notify your therapist so that your massage therapy can be performed without causing harm to you. If you have allergies, please let your therapist know so that your treatment can be adjusted accordingly.