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Intrepid Bodyworks Recovery Center offers local massage, yoga, Chiropractic and acupuncture deals in Northglenn and the surrounding cities such as Westminster and Thronton. Our goal is focus on getting you back to where you want to be weather that is post surgery or injury, improved athletic performance or solving the chronic pain problems you suffer.

Iveta K., Reiki and Subconscious Reprogramming

Iveta Kuzela, originally from the Czech Republic, has been a Colorado resident since 2003. Her journey in energy healing began with a profound passion for helping others. Initially focusing on life coaching, Iveta earned her Health and Wellness Coaching certificate, eventually achieving National Board Certification as a Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), marking the beginning of her transformative energy healing journey.

Over the course of 5+ years, driven by her passion for learning and her quest to find effective ways to support others, the Universe led her to two transformative techniques: Subconscious Reprogramming and Shamanic Reiki. As she delved deeper into those techniques, Iveta not only learned more about her gifts as a healer but also grew increasingly powerful. Witnessing firsthand the transformative journeys of her clients as they addressed negative chatter within the subconscious mind and released stagnant, painful energies from the body, Iveta realized the profound impact on their overall health and well-being.

Beyond her healing practice and curiosity to learn more, Iveta also enjoys writing. She shares her passion for helping others through her book "THE MAP OF TRUTH: A Journey to Joy Workbook." Iveta's life is a vibrant tapestry of healing and joy, woven with diverse interests and a heartfelt commitment to well-being, which she actively shares with her community by leading group healing sessions. She takes immense pride in being a mom to two wonderful boys and the loving four-legged friend - Bear (bernedoodle). You may also catch her skiing, hiking, camping, paddleboarding, or simply enjoying nature. Come meet Iveta as she warmly welcomes everyone to vibrant pursuits of well-being and joy.

Student Intern Therapists

At any time we can have students of DIMS available for massage. These are students who are getting their required hands on time to graduate school and become licensed. They are not Licensed Massage Therapists while they are doing their internship hours with us. It is for this reason they have a lower cost for services. These students are wonderful to see if you want to try someone new, help someone working toward their goals, or if you're on a budget! Interns are usually with us for a short time frame (a few months on average) so they do change often. You're welcome to request them by name if they're still here or ask for an intern in general and we will get you schedule with one that is available.

Thank you for helping new members of the massage community get their hands on practice to move forward in their career!

Dr. Ian, DC

Dr. Ian Eshbaugh was born in Englewood Colorado and is the oldest of two children. He grew up in Aurora and attended Metropolitan State University of Denver for his undergraduate program in Biology. During his undergraduate degree he played 2 seasons for the college and coached a season of high school hockey at Castleview high school. Upon meeting the requirements for chiropractic school Dr. Ian moved to Dallas, Texas to attend Parker University's Doctor of Chiropractic program. He received his Doctorate degree, earned advanced proficiency certification as a Torque Release Practitioner. He is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and received his Webster Certification. Along with his other certifications he has been certified in Pediatric care and more specifically kids with disabilities.

Dr. Ian is passionate about Chiropractic, family, and friends. During his free time he enjoys playing hockey, watching the Colorado Avalanche, and traveling with his fiancée Lexi.

"10 out of 10 stars! Dr. Ian was thoughtful, took time to work on everything I mentioned and I feel so much better. I've never had a chiropractor take the whole appointment time to work on me and won't go anywere else now that I've found him!"

Dr. Bret

Dr Bret Ellington has extensive experience within the acupuncture field and takes great pride in delivering the best care possible for his patients. Each patient is unique and deserves to be heard. That's why Dr Bret always listens first and then treats. Dr Bret ran one of the top rated clinics in southern California before returning to Colorado. Due to his knowledge and experience in Chinese medicine, he was recruited to run a franchise of acupuncture clinics, in California, from San Diego up to Marin County. He employed, trained and mentored over 100 acupuncturists.

He is an herbalist and happy to talk to you about any herbal formulas that could be beneficial to you in conjunction with your acupuncture treatments or as a stand alone treatment. He is also certified to give B12, Weight Loss and Trigger Point injections alone or with other treatments as well. If you haven't seen Dr. Bret yet the time is now!

"Dr. Bret has helped my lower back pain and insomnia so fast! I started feeling better after one treatment and it keeps getting better. I will be scheduling regularly so that I can hike this summer without pain."

Trisha C., LMT

She is certified in Prenatal, therapeutic massage, Ashiatsu, cupping and so much more. Clients already love her work and her schedule fills fast so don't wait to give Trisha a try!

Dylan, Acupuncturist

Dylan is an experienced acupuncturist who also is certified in Hot Laser treatments! Acupuncture is great for pain and inflammation reduction, insomnia, and even weight loss. The hot laser can be used during your acupuncture treatments or as a stand alone 30 minute service. The hot laser helps reduce inflammation, decrease healting time from injury, help with muscle pain, and be used to reduce wrinkles. Schedule with Dylan today by calling or booking online!

Sophie I, LMT, Yoga, Sound Bowls

Sophie (she/her) has completed school at Denver Integrative Massage School. She found her passion for massage therapy after a brain injury brought on by a car accident that left her with memory loss and nerve damage. In bodyworks she found relief, release, hope, and new beginnings. Motivated by her experiences, she's excited to help others heal and to expand her knowledge. Sophie works with modalities that include myofascial release, trigger point, cupping, sports massage, Thai stretching, and integrative massage techniques. Her favorite past time is kayaking!

Sophie is also a certified yoga instructor teaching several different styles of our classes and also offers Sound Bowl classes as well! Join her for one of her classes and see for yourself.

Client review: Sophie is a keeper! She got all my knots worked out and I feel amazing! Daniel B.

Iveta K.
Reiki and Life Coaching

Bio and information coming soon! She will be starting on 12/29 and you can schedule with her now!

Mariah Tritz, Yoga & MB

My name is Mariah Tritz and massage therapy and yoga are my passion!  I have done other jobs in the past but never have I looked forward to getting up each morning to help the clients that come in my door.  Now I do! I achieved many goals while attending the Denver School of Massage Therapy including 4.0 honor roll and clinic professionalism awards. I am very active.  Other than my massage work I also ride horses, love hiking Colorado, and playing with my dogs.  In my activity I have also managed to hurt myself in different ways. This pain turned me onto massage therapy and over the years took me to the Denver School of Massage therapy to help people in similar ways to which I was helped.

I am a certified Yoga instructor through Yoga Impact and registered with Yoga Alliance.  We are very excited to be offering yoga classes with several different focuses, like flow, gentle, and restorative. The new monthly class membership is a great way to try everything for one low price!

I take a great deal of time in finding and hiring only the very best!  The team I have assembled have over 60 years of experience and hundreds of hours of continuing education.  While we all work slightly differently our focus and goals are the same for each client; customize each massage to address the issue and work for change to get results. The acupuncture and chiropractic teams are held to the same high standards and have been very impressive in our new location over the last year. Please feel free to try any or all of the staff here, all of us are here to help you feel your best.  Thank you for choosing Intrepid Bodyworks!

"Advanced Myofascial Release work, great with sports and rehabilitation issues, does wonders for headaches and migraine relief with craniosacral therapy, and cupping."
Jennifer S, MB

Jennifer (she/her) graduated from the Southeastern School of Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy in 2001 - after having received massage for pain relief she decided that she wanted to be able to help others in the same way. She recently worked as a massage instructor at Fortis Institute in Towson, Maryland for 4 years. As a practitioner she works toward results-based clinical work, and likes to educate her clients about how their body works and how they can take care of themselves outside the massage office.  Jennifer holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from Frostburg State University. She is board certified in therapeutic massage and bodywork, has advanced training in sports massage, Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, Acutaping, Active Isolated Stretching, aromatherapy, zero balancing and burn scar massage. She is a firm believer that you can never stop learning, so look forward to additional techniques! In her spare time she enjoys gardening and crocheting, and even manages to get back into the pool from time to time!

Jennifer is a Master Bodyworker.  She has over ten thousand hands on hours, takes continuing education each year, and is Nationally Board Certified.  She does like to talk during a massage session so if you prefer a quite session she may not be the best fit for you.

"I have followed Jennifer from her last location to this one.  If you are looking for a therapist who does deep work, cupping, and knows what she's doing, Jennifer is the one!"
Tayler G., LMT
Are you the right fit for us?

Tayler began her bodywork journey in 2022 at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Arizona. With a fascination for anatomy and physiology, she figured there is no better way to learn the intricacies of healing the human body than through hands on work. Tayler employs many healing modalities including swedish massage, myofascial release, stretch therapy, lymphatic techniques, and craniosacral therapy to focus each session on her clients' goals and always meet the body where it is. She is continually learning new techniques and keeping up with the latest science that allows her to approach her practice with a refreshed perspective. Besides wellness, Tayler enjoys foraging, cats, and all kinds of podcasts! Schedule with Tayler today by calling or booking online!

Sherry F, LMT

Sherry (she/her) has lived in Colorado most of her life.  She didn't like her former career so she made and change and went back to school for massage therapy.  Sherry graduated from Heritage College.  She has been practicing for over 18 years and loves the feeling of being able to help people.  She also likes all the different people she gets to meet as a therapist.  Sherry's favorite pasttime is spending time with her family and friends.

Sherry will address your pain issues very effectively!  She is experianced with prenatal, advanced swedish, and fibromylsia clients as well as being certified in Cupping and Reflexology.  Sherry is a highly effective medium pressure therapsit.  Your body doesn't always need deep work to make lasting changes! If you want corrective massage but don't care for the deep tissue work Sherry is the choice for you!  You will leave her table feeling like a new person.

"Sherry worked my lower back pain with massage and a number of stretches.  I had relief before I even got off the table and it has lasted for over a week now.  I will be back!"

"Her (Sherry) work was incredible!  I thought I needed deeper work but Sherry had the days only opening and I needed help.  WOW!  I am feeling so much better and didn't have to breath through the pain to get it fixed."



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