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Sports massage therapy provides benefits to athletes and active people. Try our services today.

Sports massage therapy is focused primarily on the treatment of sports injuries. A sports massage therapist uses varying techniques and styles depending on the patient’s individual needs. These massage services concentrate on specific muscles and injuries; they take the athlete’s training program into consideration. Sports massage techniques include stretching, myofascial release, and deep tissue massage.

Sports massage therapy is used primarily by athletes, but some professional therapists offer it to regularly active people. It can be used before events to prevent injury and promote healing, as well as after events to assist in recovery. Some athletes also get a massage during training to improve their performance. The treatment is usually focused on the part of the body that requires the most exertion.

Someone massaging a calf muscle
Women getting her shoulder muscle massaged

The Numerous Benefits of Sports Massage

There are several benefits of sports massage. They include:

  • Greater flexibility. A massage expands muscle tissues considerably. This can assist in the release of pressure and stress from the muscles and ligaments, leading to increased flexibility.
  • Faster recovery. Sports massage causes the microscopic holes in the tissue membrane to enlarge. This allows lactic acid and other waste materials to be easily removed, while oxygen and nutrients reach the muscles faster.
  • Better blood flow. Another one of the benefits of sports massage is increased blood circulation to the desired muscle tissues. The blood vessels also dilate so more nutrients are transported.
  • Reduced pain. When stress and waste materials combine in a muscle, they can cause pain. A massage gets rid of waste and promotes the release of much-needed endorphins. That’s why many people who suffer from lower back pain find a back massage to be helpful. A neck massage is also ideal for some.
  • Greater relaxation. Sports massage produces an overall feeling of relaxation. This may be due to the increased blood flow, heat, and flexibility it creates.
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