Neuromuscular Massage Therapy for Pain & Stress Relief in Thornton, CO

Check out the benefits of neuromuscular massage and begin your journey to recovery and pain relief at Intrepid Bodyworks.

Neuromuscular massage, also known as myotherapy, is a type of massage that focuses on providing tension release to specific areas in your body. Pain is often the result of muscle spasms caused by diminished blood flow to the muscles. Through neuromuscular massage therapy, it is possible to relax the muscles and reduce spasms, cramping, and pain.

At Intrepid Bodyworks, we offer a variety of massage services aimed at accelerating the healing process for injured muscle tissue and improving your general wellbeing. Our skilled therapists will be able to locate the problem and address the direct cause of your pain using advanced neuromuscular massage technique. During the therapy session, it is normal to experience some discomfort. However, if the pain feels like too much, communicate to our practitioner, and he or she will adjust the pressure.

Neuromuscular Massage Benefits

Let’s take a look at neuromuscular massage benefits. Myotherapy not only relieves pain and recovers injured tissues through precision work, but it also takes care of the physical and mental discomfort that comes with chronic pain.

Neuromuscular Massage Thornton CO
Neuromuscular Therapy Thornton CO
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Neuromuscular massage benefits those struggling with decreased flexibility and weakness, cramps and spasms. Also, it can help those with continuing neck, shoulder, or lower back pain. This is also an excellent solution if you suffer from headaches and migraines, poor posture, stress, tension, sciatica, whiplash injury, rotator cuff pain, arthritis, scoliosis, or carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). This treatment works for sports injuries as well.

The main neuromuscular massage benefits are:

  • Pain relief
  • Increased movement flexibility
  • Restored muscle strength
  • Rapid injury recovery
  • Corrected postural problems
  • Balanced skeletal and nervous systems
  • Improved blood flow and circulation
  • Energy boost
  • Improved mental health and stress relief.

Neuromuscular rehabilitation typically includes back massage, shoulder and neck massage, and other types of targeted treatment. We also offer sports massage for recovering athletes. Our therapists will go through the same area multiple times effectively reaching deep layers of muscle tissue. The pressure of the massage should treat muscle spasms and provide instant relief, leaving you relaxed and energized.

The Best Neuromuscular Massage Near Me

If you recently embarked on a search for “neuromuscular massage near me” in Thornton, CO, but nothing useful comes up, all hope is not lost. Intrepid Bodyworks provides the superior massage experience. Every therapist on our team is skilled, professional, and knowledgeable about current massage techniques.

Intrepid Bodyworks is a Thornton-based massage center that serves Northglenn and Westminster. Sessions are currently available by appointment only. We accept and bill health insurance. To learn more about our massage therapy, give us a call at 720-388-0439.

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