Liana became a Massage Therapist to put her all into something that spoke to her.  Touch, to her, has always been something she knew as individuals we need.  Putting intention, intuition, and knowledge into that mix just made sense to Liana.  What she loves most about massage is helping and educating other on how to feel better.  

Liana graduated from the Colorado School of Healing arts in 2018.  She fell in love with Neuromuscular, deep tissue, and trigger point work.  She also offers Myofascial release and active stretching.  Liana has quickly become one of our most requested therapists and has great reviews from clients.  If you haven't tried Liana yet, now is the time.  Her schedule just keeps getting more and more full further out because clients love her quality of work!

"Liana is the best therapist I have had!  She did amazing deep work and get all the knots out that I thought would be there forever.  I will be back and I'm sending my partner in as well!"


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