Jules was in a car accident several years ago that caused her a lot of pain issues.  She saw doctors, physical therapists and was given a variety of pills to help her get out of pain.  None of that helped.  Like many therapists she discovered massage and natural healing helped her work through her pain issues.  If she can one person find relief then she feels she is doing her best work to help more people find a natural way to break the pain cycle and live a better life.

In her down time Jules enjoys hiking, preparing and running 5K and obsticle races and playing with her kids.  Jules received outstanding reviews in her first few weeks with Intrepid Bodyworks and her schedule is already filling fast!  Schedule your next session with her and see what everyone is so excited about.

"Jules was absolutely phenomenal.  My body feels in tip top shape and relief.  She taught me alot about posture, tmj massages and muscles in my body.  She was funny, kind and intuitive with what mt body needed and listened when I told her less pressure.  I have had many massages in my lifetime and none felt as therapeutic as hers.  I would recommend this place to everyone!"


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